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New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders

PO Box 38-538,

Wellington Mail Centre

Phone: +64 4 471 2226


Charities Commission Registration CC22512


NZORD - the New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders

  • Is a registered Charitable Trust (Charities Commission registration CC22512).
  • Was set up in September 2000, following a conference of over 30 rare disease support groups.
  • Now has a network of 147 support groups.
  • Helps people affected by rare disorders and their families to find essential information.
  • Provides resources and information for rare disease support groups.
  • Monitors rare disease issues and policy matters.
  • Builds partnerships between patients/families, support groups, clinicians, researchers, policy-makers and industry.

Who We Are

  • Our People: NZORD is headed by an Executive Director, and steered by a Board of Trustees.
  • Support Groups Network : NZORD brings together a large number of New Zealand support groups for people/families affected by rare disorders.

What We Do

  • How NZORD Can Help You : how NZORD can help people/families affected by a rare disease, rare disease support groups, clinicians and researchers.
  • Our Mission:  includes improving information for patients, their family and professionals, and building partnerships to accelerate research towards control and cure of rare disorders.
  • NZORD Activities: lists our main activities and achievements since establishment in September 2000.

Our Sponsors

The people and organisations who help us turn the ideas into reality.