Rare Disease Day cocktail evening

Cocktail evening invitation
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NZORD invites you to a cocktail evening on Monday 29th February to celebrate Rare Disease Day, to be held in Wellington at the Wellington Club. Rachel Callander from the Super Power Baby Project will be our special guest speaker.

Tickets are on sale now for $75. Order yours from comms@nzord.org.nz.

Meeting the community

On March 1–3, NZORD’s chief executive Letitia O'Dwyer will be travelling to Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin to meet members of the rare disease community. Please pop in to say hello and catch up over refreshments. View the graphic showing the dates and venues.

Send us your story

Help NZORD raise awareness of rare diseases in New Zealand and contribute to international awareness of the disease that affect you, your friend or your family.

If you would like to tell your story, please email us at enquiries@nzord.org.nz.

We’ve put together some questions that might help you put your story together:

  • Who is affected by a rare disease in your family?
  • What is the name of the rare disease?
  • What are the clinical features / symptoms?
  • How was the disease diagnosed?
  • How does it affect your family and the family member with the disease?
  • What have you been able to find out about the disease in New Zealand? Internationally?
  • Are you involved with a support group in New Zealand? Internationally? (We can link to the support group if they have a website)

If you’d like to include a photo of your family, please do so. We’ll publish your story on our website as soon as we can.

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