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New Zealand Rare Disease Day – 28 February 2013

Support the Rare Gems in our community

Hello everyone,


Rare Disease Day provides you with an opportunity to raise awareness about your disorder, and raise funds for your group.

Check out the options and resources on the dedicated website. Here you will find ideas and  resources needed to run a fundraiser in your school, workplace or community, however small your group is.

In 2012, one small unincorporated group raised over $1200 from fundraisers and donations via the systems provided by NZORD. Several others achieved donations in the hundreds of dollars.

Promote the Rare Gems™ theme for mufti-day, dress-up day, gold coin donation, or other fundraisers for your group.

An easy steps guide sets out how to run an event.

Follow the easy steps, download and print the posters, and away you go.

  • All rare disease groups are encouraged to take part.
  • Online donation via NZORD allows donations with confidence to unincorporated groups.
  • Generic publicity posters and event specific posters available online to download and print.
  • A new link provides an alternative of donations to NZORD’s research activities.

NZORD will be sending posters to all public libraries and paediatric wards and outpatient departments during February. We will have limited spare printed posters for those of you who don’t have a good quality printer available.

Our media releases in the New Year will be copied to you so you can pursue local media outlets for publicity around your events for your group.

Let us know your plans for Rare Disease Day events and fundraisers. We are keen to hear from you about these.

Get involved, and good luck with your efforts. And have a nice relaxing holiday break between then and now.

Regards, john