We want this site to be accessible by everyone.

We've taken care to remove obstacles that may stop anyone from using it. We hope it works for you - and would welcome your feedback and comments.

Following is a description of specific features for people with visual impairment, and for those who prefer to use the keyboard rather than a mouse.

Features for visually impaired users

To make text easier to read, it can be increased in size.

On Windows or Linux computers this is typically done by pressing Ctrl + (and Ctrl - to reduce the text size) and on Mac computers by pressing ⌘ +, i.e. the Apple key and + (and ⌘ - to reduce the text size).

On mobile devices with touch screens, the size of the page can be changed by a ‘zoom’ gesture on the screen (placing two fingers on the screen and moving them apart) and a ‘pinch’ gesture to zoom out.

Navigating the site without a mouse

This site is structured for easy site-wide navigation using the keyboard. Once within the site you can use the Tab key to go from link to link. Here is the order of the links you'll find as you tab through a page.

  1. Jump to the main navigation bar.
  2. Jump to the secondary navigation for the section of the site you are in.
  3. Jump to the search box.
  4. Jump to the content of the page.
  5. Jump to the links for help with the site (the utility menu).
  6. Then the Tab key will take you through the links on the page, starting with a link to the site’s home page.