Support groups

Support groups can provide immense support and assistance to people who are impacted by disease.

Some patients with a rare disease may be virtually alone in New Zealand, or there may be just a handful of other cases.

Support groups can make a huge positive difference. Support groups can:

  • share direct personal experience
  • provide emotional support
  • provide short-cuts to information and treatment
  • accumulate highly specific information and resources
  • effectively represent the interests of their group

NZORD provides resources to help support groups get established and to facilitate their working effectively.

Find a support group

Rare Disease Support Group Directory

NZORD has compiled a list of rare disease support groups, representing diseases with an incidence of 1 in 2000 or less.

Browse the Rare Disease Support Group Directory

Other Support and Information Groups and Services

We have also compiled a list of other New Zealand health and disability support and information groups and services for both rare and common disorders. These groups can provide information and assistance with conditions related to a rare disorder.

Browse the directory of Other Support and Information Groups and Services

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