Applying for PHARMAC funding

Anyone can make a funding application to PHARMAC. Anyone from patients and health professionals, to pharmaceutical suppliers.

Visit the following page on the PHARMAC website for information on beginning a funding application for a Pharmaceutical Schedule listing, including a link to the application form for pharmaceutical funding (you may need to save the form document to your computer before you are able to use it):

PHARMAC: New funding applications

The timelines for applications and the 2017 schedule for meetings to consider applications are listed on the PHARMAC website:

PHARMAC: Meeting dates and minutes

How does the process work?

New funding applications are referred to one of PHARMAC's Therapeutic Group Managers (TGMs), who will seek more information and collate it for the application to be considered by the Pharmacology and Therapeutics Advisory Committee (PTAC) or, in some cases, one of the specialist PTAC subcommittees.

PTAC can then either refer the application back to the TGM for further information or make a recommendation on whether to fund the medicine and what priority level it should be given by PHARMAC.

Should PHARMAC decide to proceed with the application, the TGM will negotiate with the supplier to reach a provisional agreement. PHARMAC then consults with the health sector on the proposal and takes this feedback into account before making a final decision. Decisions are usually made by the PHARMAC Board, or by the Chief Executive acting under authority of the Board.

Decisions are then notified to the health sector and the Pharmaceutical Schedule is updated.

Factors for consideration

To see what factors are considered in applications, view the following page on the PHARMAC website:

PHARMAC: Factors for consideration

How can I track my application?

The application tracker details the progress of applications:

PHARMAC: Application Tracker

Thank you to PHARMAC for permission to reproduce this information on the NZORD website.