Carer's booklet

Carers’ guideThe booklet A Guide for Carers was updated in 2016. The new guide offers practical help for people caring for family or friends who are older or have ill health, a disability or a mental health condition or suffer from alcohol addiction or other drug issues. It offers advice on subjects such as money (financial help), people (help) and things (equipment/modifications).

From the booklet's introduction:

Are you a carer?

Do you often assist a family, whānau or aiga member or friend with everyday activities?

You may not see yourself as a “carer” – perhaps it’s just a part of who and what you do. You could be a parent of a disabled child, an older person caring for a sick partner, or a younger person supporting a friend with a mental health condition.

The care you give could be needed suddenly due to injury or illness, or gradually over time as you provide more support for, say, a parent or grandparent who needs assistance.

At some stage in our lives, most of us will care for, or be supported by, someone. If this sounds like you, then chances are there are services and support on hand to help. Whether you’re new to caring or have supported someone for many years, this guide will show you what help is available.