When problems arise

Sometimes you may be unhappy with the Health and Disability services you receive or feel they may not be meeting your needs or expectations.

If so, you could:

  • Start by asking the health professional or provider agency for explanation or clarification, and if you have concerns ask them to address them in discussions with you.
  • They should all have a process for dealing with any issues or complaints that are brought to their attention. They will need to take anything like this seriously, respectfully and address them fully.

If that fails you have other options such as:

  • Asking for advice from the support group that is relevant to your condition, as they may have experience of similar situations and solutions that have been found.
  • Seeking help from the Health and Disability advocacy service. It is a publicly funded service which is overseen by the Health & Disability commissioner, it aims to resolve issues through discussion and mediation.
  • Make a formal complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner. www.hdc.org.nz