New Zealand research

Researchers’ directory

NZORD maintains a directory of New Zealand’s rare disease researchers containing information about the researchers’ rare disease interests and their contact details. For detailed information about the research underway, including opportunities for research collaboration, we suggest you make direct contact with the researcher named in the directory.

Health Research Council

The website of the Health Research Council contains many useful links to funding opportunities and criteria, New Zealand research groups and information on ethical controls. Of particular interest is the Publications page, which contains the HRC events calendar, and a variety of reports on HRC activities and issues.

A comprehensive directory of New Zealand Health Research purchase agencies, including government and private funders, can be found on the Health Research Purchase Agencies page.

The Marsden Fund

The Royal Society of New Zealand administers the Marsden Fund, which is allocated to more basic scientific research in a range of disciplines. The site contains details of all the funding granted from this source since 1997, though research in health and human biology is included in the same list as a variety of other categories. Basic details of the project, the investigator and the institution are included.

The Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs)

The Centres of Research Excellence Fund is administered by the Tertiary Education Commission. Currently the fund supports ten centres, several of which work in the area of health and medicine. Of particular note is the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery, as this centre specialises in biomedicine and biotechnology.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & Ethics Committees

EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency is one of the guardians of research safety in New Zealand. They assess applications for importing or developing all hazardous substances and new organisms.

Other guardians of research safety in New Zealand are the institutional biological safety committees and institutional animal ethics committees. Information on them is available from each institution. Ethics guidelines and information on Regional Health and Disability Ethics committees are available from the Health Research Council website.

Universities, medical schools and research institutions

Each university, medical school and research institution has information about their research activities available on their websites. Much of this information is general, though some provide useful links and search pages to more specific information and contact details of associated researchers. Here are a number of these links:

Auckland University Medicine and Health Centres – this site provides links to a number of centres of expertise based at Auckland University, including the Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU) and the Liggins Institute.

Otago University Health Science Staff Expertise – this site is a search page for staff based in the Division of Health Sciences at Otago University.

Victoria University Directory of Research Expertise – this site contains links to areas of research expertise located throughout Victoria University.

The two medical schools in New Zealand also provide a summary of their research activities and staff expertise:

Australia New Zealand Clinical Trials Register

ANZCTR is an online clinical trial register, mainly comprising clinical trials being run in Australia and New Zealand.

NZORD Support Groups

The Support Groups in the NZORD network will often have information on key people and institutions here and overseas who are involved in researching their disorder.