Finding information

On our rare disease information pages you will find a series of links to rare disease databases. These databases are written by professionals and some are very complex but not all. You are likely to find the information on your disorder in at least one of these, and possibly in two or more.

Many of the sites also act as gateways to other Internet resources on rare diseases, and through these you may find access to a wide variety of articles, websites, support groups and researchers.

The NZORD support group directory has New Zealand based groups and contacts for a range of conditions.  

Other pages on our site will guide you towards understanding causes, basic biology, genetics and research efforts and clinical trials, and some will guide you to a variety of New Zealand and international health and disability resources.

Take some time to browse through the site and follow our links to find your information, but if you have any major difficulty finding what you are looking for after a thorough search, feel free to email us with your questions.