New Horizons: The New Zealand Rare Disease Day Symposium

NZORD hosted a one-day symposium for Rare Disease Day 2018 on 22 February in Auckland. The aim was to bring together clinicians and people living with rare disorders to share information and experiences – enabling clinicians, researchers and patients to work together for the best health gains.

Speakers’ presentations

Please note that the following presentations are not available by request of the speakers due to confidential content:

  • Professor Stephen Robertson, Cure Kids Professor of Paediatric Genetics, Otago University
    Evolution of genetics, in particular the generation of malformations in children, with a particular focus on conditions that affect the skeleton and brain
  • Dr Andrew Munkacsi, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington
    Developing a genomic superhero pipeline to cure rare Mendelian diseases

Full programme and speakers’ biographies