Briefing to Minister of Health

4 December 2017

These three initiatives are:

1) National Patient Registry

Establishment of a national database that drives improvements in the treatment and care of our patients and ensures resources are allocated to where they are needed. The database would capture and hold information on diagnosis, disease type, treatment and health outcomes for patients throughout New Zealand and would provide data that assists health care providers and planners with their decision making.

2) Orphan Drugs Fund

Establish an Orphan Drugs Fund which sits outside of PHARMAC as we believe that treatment for specific rare disorders can be delivered cost effectively. This fund would allow for drug provision for rare disorders that can be treated in a way that benefits everyone.

Rare disorders, by their nature, do not naturally fit within public health benefit equations because patient numbers are low and typically, treatment costs per patient are high.

3) Folic Acid

Mandatory fortification of flour with folic acid would reduce the preventable incidence of neural tube defects to zero.

Full text of briefing to Minister of Health

NZORD infographic to Minister of Health