Find relief carers and support workers with MyCare

12 April 2016

Do you have a disability or support a disabled person under the age of 65? If so, you may be eligible to use this free new service, developed for people with disabilities and their families to help them easily connect with relief carers in their areas.

Operated by Carers NZ and its online partner, MyCare, the National Carer Matching Service is funded by the Ministry of Health.

People who receive Disability Support Services funding from the Ministry of Health can click on the link on MyCare’s homepage to self-refer and enter the matching system quickly. They will need to provide the name of their needs assessment agency and their NHI number.

Or you can ask your NASC to refer you to the service, or self-refer by contacting Carers NZ (phone 0800 777 797).

Through MyCare, once you’ve completed the eligibility process for this free service, you’ll be able to:

  • Post jobs seeking relief carers in your area at the MyCare website
  • View profiles of available workers/relief carers at MyCare
  • Directly message them to make arrangements to meet and/or use their services

Hundreds of workers from around the country have created profiles at MyCare. If you need support workers or relief carers, it could be an answer to finding help in your community!

MyCare is a new online space for those seeking or offering home-based support. The company also offers other online tools to help with scheduling and care planning, and a private Support Circle feature to keep everyone informed and involved in day to day arrangements. For those who are eligible to use the free National Carer Matching Service, MyCare’s optional extra tools are available for an annual upgrade cost of $199 including GST. A MyCare upgrade is an authorised purchase for those who use Individualised Funding! If you are not eligible for free access to MyCare’s matching feature via the National Carer Matching Service, you can subscribe to MyCare for an annual fee of $299 including GST. MyCare is currently offering a free 30 day subscription trial. To learn more, phone MyCare on 0800 677 700 or visit

Download the information leaflet