Ministry of Health funding review

8 February 2018

Under this contract NZORD has provided a strong common voice to advocate for health policy and an equitable healthcare system that works for those with a rare disease.

Two weeks ago the NSU team informally advised us that they are reviewing this contract in light of the Ministry undertaking a prioritising and budgetary process.  We are extremely concerned about the impact this funding cut will have on patients, their whānau and the wider rare disease community, including clinicians, researchers and healthcare workers in New Zealand. 

We have requested a meeting with the Clinical Director of the NSU, Dr Jane O’Hallahan to discuss this review process and confirm where the work that NZORD does for the 377,000 rare disease patients in New Zealand best fits within the Ministry of Health. We are also seeking meetings with other key Ministry officials.

We will ensure that we keep you up to date with our discussions and progress to secure a new contract with the Ministry of Health.


Dr Collette Bromhead
Chief Executive