NZORD and the Minister of Health

10 April 2018

They both attended the National Rural Health Conference in Auckland, and Lisa took the opportunity to introduce herself prior to his address to the attendees.

“I spoke to the Minister and raised the issue of receiving no feedback from sent correspondence to his office,” says Lisa. “The Minister gave assurance that he would respond to the letters and asked for the letters to be emailed to him directly”.

The Minister’s address at the National Rural Health Conference highlighted his focus on equity and accessibility to ensure that all New Zealanders’ can expect a fair and robust health system in the future. Realism about the scope of this vision was expressed and the fact it will take time, innovation and collaboration to bring to reality.

NZORD is continuing to request a formal meeting with the Minister to discuss funding issues for the organisation and rare disorders. We will keep all our stakeholders updated on our progress.