NZORD continues to fight for equity for people with rare disorders

7 March 2018

On Tuesday 21 February NZORD’s Chief Executive Dr Collette Bromhead was interviewed on Nine to Noon, along with Minister Clark, about funding for medicines for rare disorders.

NZORD is heartened by the Minister of Health’s comments that his agenda for supporting people with rare disorders is about equity.

“There is a pledge in my mind that I want to honour because I’m personally invested in this, I made something of this in opposition because I saw the situation as being unfair,” said Dr Clark.

NZORD will present recommendations to the Minister on ways to administer the rare disease fund to get the fairest outcomes for people with rare disorders.

“I am all for bringing everybody’s skills to the table to get the best possible outcome for rare disease patients and for the government’s budget. I’m not looking to cut anybody out of this process, and we are here to help coordinate in any way that we can to get the best possible outcome,” says Dr Bromhead.

NZORD is committed to keeping the rare disease community up to date with developments.

Double blow for sufferers of rare diseases (Radio New Zealand interview)