NZORD Newsletter 2004 #9 - 5 October 2004

Hello everyone,

In this special issue:

Consultation on PGD Guidelines.

At last the waiting will soon be over. Proposed guidelines for Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) have been released for consultation. NZORD supports the prompt approval of this technology. In fact it is overdue. PGD promises to be one of the greatest steps forward for many years, in getting control over severe, debilitating or fatal diseases that have previously occurred in families. It will empower parents to avoid a repeat of the disease in the next baby, and in doing so it will actually reduce the ethical dilemmas for many people, as pregnancy termination will be avoided by this procedure.

The draft guidelines seem realistic and sensible, but we will be giving close scrutiny to the detail of them to ensure they strike the best balance of social and ethical considerations, while promoting preventative options and reproductive choices for parents. You or your group can make submissions direct to the Advisory Committee. Click here for details [Submissions are now closed and the guideleines published. See the website of the Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology] of the report to the Minister, the draft guidelines and submission process, on the NECAHR website.

NZORD is keen to gather views to help us form our own submission. Should the proposed guidelines be amended in any way, and why? Do you believe they are OK as is? Please email us with your suggestions to include in our submission.

We will also be pushing for government funding of the procedure to ensure equitable access to all at-risk couples, though the Minister will be determining the funding question separately, after the guidelines are finalised. Click here for more comment from NZORD……….

Regards, John

John Forman
Executive Director