NZORD Newsletter 2011 #1 – 2 February 2011

Hello everyone,

In this special issue:
NZORD announces New Zealand Rare Disease Day – 28 February 2011.

  • Opportunity for all groups, however small, to have fundraising events.
  • Jeans for Genes is the theme.
  • “Don’t donate to us, donate to them instead”, is NZORD’s catch-cry for Rare Disease Day 2011.
  • All rare disease groups are encouraged to take part.
  • Online donation via NZORD allows donations with confidence to unincorporated groups.

Now even the smallest rare disease group can have an effective fundraising event on NZ Rare Disease Day, Monday 28 February 2011. All it takes is for individuals to organise an event in their workplace, school, or club, using the resources provided by NZORD on the web at, and sending the proceeds to their nominated group.

Jeans for Genes is the theme for mufti-day fundraisers. Those more creative can choose other themes to suit them.

An easy 8 step guide sets out recommendations on how to set up and run the event. Flyers and posters can be downloaded from the site. An online donation via NZORD’s rare disease donations account at ANZ Bank 010533-0042051-02, with the group or a particular disease nominated in the online reference, can ensure confidence in donating to unincorporated groups.

More details at Facebook

Read our press release about the day.

Regards, John