Submission to health select committee on clinical trials

NZORD encourages an environment of innovation – April 2010

NZORD is pleased to see this initiative by the health select committee to inquire into the promotion of innovation through clinical trials. Our submission to the committee addresses a number of issues that may help or impede this objective, and asks that there is a concerted effort to improve research opportunities through clinical trials. We submitted that:

The success of any proposals to take advantage of clinical trials as a source of income for New Zealand’s health research institutions will depend on creating an environment that

  • Is broad in its acceptance of science and innovation as key drivers of health gains,
  • includes the building of respectful partnerships between all relevant stakeholders in health research and health service delivery and funding,
  • seeks to maximise the benefits of the clinical trials process for professional and career development of our health workforce
  • ensures that patient interests are well considered and protected in the system design and processes.

Read our full submission as a Word document or in PDF format.

When presenting our submission to the select committee on 26 May 2010, NZORD emphasised that innovation should be a factor across all areas of health, including diagnostics, basic research, patient engagement and information, clinical care, clinical trials, and access to the novel treatments that arise from these efforts. Linking innovation so strongly with clinical trials alone, was likely to distort the need for a forward looking approach across the spectrum to ensure continued health improvements.