Submission to Health Select Committee on Smokefree Environments Bill

We urge strong action against a major source of disadvantage for rare disorders – February 2011

NZORD has consistently supported greater restrictions on tobacco marketing and use. We do so because the health impacts of tobacco are such a significant burden on our health system, and as such they are a prime reason those with rare disorders often languish on priority lists for health research, health care services, and medicine access. We have supported the draft Bill in its entirety, and in fact urged even stronger action to reduce tobacco use.

Smokers are not just killing themselves, though that is bad enough. They are indirectly killing us and killing our kids, by the massive burden they place on our health system. It is time things changed dramatically. We have previously submitted to the Ministry of Health (2008) and the Maori Affairs select committee (2010) when previous consultations or enquiries have taken place. Read our latest submission to the Health select committee here in Word or here in PDF.